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Mental Health and Your Dreams

Mental Health and Your Dreams
By Christina Sponias

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung is complicated and obscure. Jung's explanations are not accurate and he gives many examples of literary works and his personal indifferent opinion about what he examines in the human psyche, which distorts the meaning of his own discovery.

Of course, he couldn't do more. He is a big hero and his discoveries were pioneering in the field of psychotherapy. His work was tremendous!

He discovered the following:

1- Dream symbols appear in everyone's dreams. Also, symbols appear in many religious and artistic manifestations in the entire history of humanity and in all the civilizations, symbols that he designated as archetypes.

2- The dreamer who starts analyzing his or her dreams follows a certain path. The images one sees and the adventures one will have are known: everyone passes through the same experiences when examining the content of one's psychical sphere through dream interpretation until each one reaches a certain place that marks the end of the trip.

3- When an author's writing is inspired by the unconscious that produces the dreams, we can interpret literary works just as we interpret dreams and be informed about many ignored aspects of reality.

I found Jung's work ready and I precisely followed his steps, until I was near the end of the journey within my psyche through dream interpretation, but I had to continue, without accepting ignorance as he did.

The unconscious encouraged me to continue through my dream in which everyone reached the other side of a river after stepping on my feet and not directly on the rocks on which I stood. The rocks were in the middle of the river and they could be used as a bridge to the other side, but nobody would go to the other side by stepping directly on the rocks, but only over my feet. I was in the middle of the river, giving my hand to everyone who stepped on my feet to reach the other side that was near the place where I stood.

The interpretation of this dream revealed that I would help everyone have the courage to face the other side of the river, where their anti-conscience exists. This conscience is a part of everyone, although they ignore its content. The rocks represent the indubitable truth. My feet represent my beliefs, my convictions and my moral values. So, everyone would face the anti-conscience based on my beliefs and not directly based on the truth.

The truth is too ugly and depressing. The human being is very far from mental health: humans are in fact monsters, since the anti-conscience is inherent in the biggest part of our psychic spheres.

I delayed presenting my work to the public by 19 years because I was working on the solution all this while. The unconscious is a doctor that can cure everyone through dreams; however, I had to discover the meaning of many dream symbols and understand how to dominate the monster before I could teach you and cure your problems. I also had to cure many people with several different problems in difficult life conditions, by urgently interpreting their dreams because they could not waste any time, so that I could give you practical solutions and be totally different than my mentor in my explanations.

My work is very clear, well defined, simple and precise because I continued Jung's research and I saw what exists in the depths of the psyche.

This way, you can avoid all the dangers that await you in your life since the anti-conscience is constantly trying to destroy your human side through craziness. You can develop your conscience until you become a genius, and stay far from depression, craziness and suicidal thoughts.

You'll preserve your mental health forever, help others because you will be wise and sensitive, everything in your life will be favorable to you and you happiness will be genuine!

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