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Men And The Issue Of Mental Health

Men And The Issue Of Mental Health

They usually wait six months before getting help or advice and some men, in fact around 50% of them, may even wait a year if they feel ill. Of course, if they break a bone or two, they will attend a clinic, but that’s usually because they have no alternative. If men thought a broken bone would “clear up” given time, they would struggle on with it. This unusual attitude from a normally logical and clever species is down partly to nature, but it also has an awful lot to do with old-fashioned attitudes. Thankfully, modern men are becoming more health conscious than previous generations of men.

A typical modern young dude cares deeply about how he looks and not just about his attire, hair and skin. Underneath the right clothes for him, is the best body in the world and regular visits to the gym ensure that it stays that way. Of course, health checks are becoming more necessary today for insurance and other types of health cover, and these reasons have encouraged more men than ever to have regular physical health checks. Yet they still seem very reluctant to discuss emotional problems.

Even the very word ‘emotion’ sends some men reaching for their keys because they’ve suddenly remembered they should be elsewhere. This reluctance to discuss the issues surrounding emotions and mental health has had disastrous results for some men. In the U.K. alone, suicides outnumber deaths from car accidents in men between the ages of 15 and 34. This is a definite indicator that the mental health needs of men are being overlooked by themselves or by society.

Admitting they’ve had enough will help and little things can be done to ease the stress on their brains. For example, less time on mobile phones will reduce any high blood pressure levels raised because of radio frequency electromagnetic constriction. A glass or two of wine at the end of a busy day is beneficial, but too much alcohol leads to depression. Eating the correct, mood enhancing, foods, such as tuna, milk, yogurt and chicken, all of which contain tryptophan, will help men’s minds. Taking the car less and walking more, or taking the car out of town to a place where they can walk far, take photographs, or just daydream and blow the cobwebs away, will help. Even in the direst of circumstances, laughter too, is a tonic.

By: Curt Sterling

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