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How to Keep Your Mental Health for Sure

How to Keep Your Mental Health for Sure
By Christina Sponias

Many people believe that our dreams are only a representation of what happened to us during the day or a disorganized collection of images without any purpose.

However, recent discoveries in biology, neurology and psychiatry, which are related to psychology and the interpretation of dreams, have revealed to us that the interpretation of our own dreams helps us prevent and cure depression, neurosis and worse mental illnesses, because the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams is the same one that creates the behavioral programs which exist in all animals.

These programs allow wild animals to survive in their dangerous environment even when they are still young, since they have many natural enemies. Even before learning how to defend themselves, they already "know what to do" when they see an enemy or when they are hungry and they have to pursue and attack their prey: These behaviors are instinctive.

The organization of the behavioral programs and the organization which exists in dreams is the same.

As a matter of fact, everything in the nature of our planet is very well organized, exactly because there is a superior brain that organizes everything, otherwise we would live in a chaotic condition.

This superior brain sends us many dreams in order to protect our mental health from the attacks of the wild side of our conscience. The wild side provokes paranoia, dementia, hallucinations and various other disturbances to the human conscience, which in turn becomes totally absurd and unable to control the person's behavior.

The unconscious mind has a saintly character and its wisdom is beyond any doubt. Its guidance is always correct and it can cure any disease, mental or physical, if the dreamer precisely follows the directions they receive in their own dreams.

If you want to acquire mental health, and live peacefully and happily for life, you must first of all eliminate the wild and violent part of your brain and psyche.

You cannot kill it of course, because this is a live part of you. This is the animal that exists inside you, even though you ignore its existence. The anti-conscience, your primitive conscience that didn't pass through the process of consciousness that your human conscience passed through, is an active part of your personality.

This is your wild side, and your human side has to tame it, otherwise the anti-conscience will always bother you and the worse, it will always try to destroy your humanity through craziness.

Your dreams provide you psychotherapy and counselling, exactly because you need them very much! Alone, you'll never be able to tame the beast and reach wisdom, while with the help of the unconscious mind in your dreams, you are going to easily see all the points that have to be improved and corrected, instead of wasting your time searching in the wrong direction and doing the wrong things.

I see from the dreams that people send me to interpret, and from their biographies, that they are too immature.

For example, a young lady who was very sad, told me in her first message that she wanted to die. Later she told me that she was thinking about having a baby. Perhaps it would help her feel needed - she imagined that she would feel better by feeling needed because she was feeling despised by everyone.

What do you think about her idea?

I think that she really needs a psychologist. Fortunately she can find one, the best one, interpreting her own dreams.

If a person has suicidal thoughts a baby would be a disaster in their lives. Only those that don't have kids may imagine that a child can help someone ready to die have courage to live... The baby needs too much care, support and caution in the beginning. Then it makes too much noise, it requires too much attention, etc. and it is the mother, especially, who is always responsible for it.

Even a woman, happily married, feels tired with a new baby, and sad with the alterations in her own body. Post partum depression is very common.

So, if a person is not emotionally strong, the responsibility for another life can only provoke despair.

The joy and the happiness of having a child is not enough to help the depressed mother forget her pain in her constant preoccupation and occupation with the baby.

People make many mistakes in their judgments and their thoughts are quite immature. Everyone needs the guidance of the unconscious mind, exactly because everyone can easily lose their human conscience.

The various deceptions in a person's life only help the anti-conscience destroy the human conscience through craziness.

This is why everyone must care about their dreams and respect the wise guidance they receive from the superior unconscious mind.

Many times we cannot see obvious mistakes and many times the small mistakes cause very big wounds.

This is why the wisest decision you can make today, after learning how important your dreams are and how dangerous the wild side of your conscience is, is exactly to care about your dreams and take notes, interpreting them with the unique scientific method that exactly translates their meaning, so that you may preserve your mental health for sure

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