Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

It is very difficult to conclude if a person suffers from a mental health issue or not, but there are certain signs and signals that suggest whether someone may be suffering from a particular issue and might be in need of help.

In many of us, depression, stress and anxiety seem to be the major obstacles to just feeling good. Psychological well-being is something that we all have a right to. Sometimes due to a variety of reasons to do with life experiences, physiology, up bringing, environment etc we often find ourselves with a mind-state other than what we desire.

Certain signs of mental health issues can be put into different categories like:

Thinking: Problems with thinking include memory, concentration, problem solving and the processing of information.

Feeling: Problems with feeling can affect appetite, sleep, decision-making and guilt. In serious mental health issues, feelings can include mood swings and irrational onset of feelings such anger or excitement.

Problems at home: The inability to carry out simple household chores or inability to coexist with others in the household or inabilities to cope with housework are some signs of problems at home.

Socializing problems: Social signs can include difficulty in relating to and getting on with others, awkwardness around others and verbal or physical aggression.

Poor Self care: Signs of poor self-care show themselves in appearance, with sufferers not conscious with care of cleanliness or appearance, not eating well or enough, not attending to day to day affairs such as bills or finances and paying little attention to physical health.

Mental health issues require proper diagnosis by a medical professional. Protecting our mental health is just as important as protecting our physical health, and can be cured or drastically reduced with the correct guidance and therapy.

Seeking the services of a mental health counselor can effectively improve your mental health who will work with you through your past and present issues. A good counselor can be a real lifesaver. She can help you by using writing techniques, reading aloud what you wrote, and by talking while helping you to identify the source of your anxiety. She can teach you to overcome them effectively. Counseling gives you valuable tools to handle daily problems and long-term relationships.

Upon some improvement psychological changes are felt with lightness, better sleep, smile, noticing beauty around you, singing, wanting to do something different, etc. When you are able to experience a general feeling of well being, your relationships blossom, people find you attractive and accessible again, even career paths may open and life seems to smile again!

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