Sunday, November 2, 2008

Love and Mental Health

Love and Mental Health
By Christina Sponias

Love matters are the first ones that provoke various abnormalities to your conscience and to your behavior.

If you desire to keep your mental health and the person you love near you for life, you have to pay attention to many details you are not considering now.

The details you have to pay attention to are so many that without guidance, you are not going to discover them.

The personality of each person is an entire world. Besides all the characteristics of each one's psychological type, there are many characteristics that are the result of the imitation of other people's behavior and several other factors that determine the person's reactions, which are simply inherited and belong to the cognitive mechanism of the human being, who follows behavior patterns like all animals.

Living with company is not easy.

Sharing your life with someone else is a very delicate question that demands caution and preparation.

If you make a mistake, or many mistakes, you'll easily lose your mental health, because love plays the most important role in your life and when you are in love you are like a blind slave of the person that imprisons your heart.

Therefore you agree to do the most absurd things in order to posses the person you desire, to keep them near you even if they don't want to, to block their freedom, to make them love you too, to force various situations to your favor and many things more, only because you desperately need to be near this person and keep them near you as long as you live.

You don't pay attention to any details and you don't even want to think logically, because you prefer to fly, involved in the magical feeling that the strong passion brings you when you think about them.

However, when everything goes wrong, you lose the floor under your feet.

You cannot accept to stay far from the person you desire so much, you cannot accept their refusal or the problems that don't depend on their will and impede you both to be together.

You can even kill someone if your crazy love will dominate you completely, and you'll believe that this is "the only solution" you have if you want to posses them and live with them forever.

Depression, craziness, despair and suicide attempts will complete your path if you follow this crazy feeling, without paying attention to anything else and without respecting anyone.

This is why love and mental health are strictly connected and if you want to keep both, you have to be serious!

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