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Teen Mental Health

Teen Mental Health
by Wouter Van Dyck

Mental disorders that are noticed during childhood or a person’s adolescence are usually seen to last in that person even after the person has turned into an adult.

Researches say that mental syndromes developed during childhood seem to affect the person’s attitude and lifestyle harmfully in the later stages of his life.

This includes physical ailments like asthma or allergies, persistent pain, headaches or migraine, epilepsy and even heart disorders. In some children vision and hearing problems have also been noticed who have underdone some sort of mental health disorders.

Among the adolescent range these mental disorders have been found in the range of depression, substance and anxiety disorders, or personality syndromes in the categories of paranoia or schizophrenia.

Children who have been subjected to stress at earlier ages have been seen to show the symptoms of this condition.

Although parents might not be able to understand the reasons behind their children’s stress, there are a lot of ways in which a child can be subjected to stress. Most of the stress is observed in children from external agents like friends, school and family.

But it may even include serious issues like child abuse, or discrimination or may be, even self generated stress. This stress or anxiety can even be observed in kids as old as two years to kids who are in the pre-school level leaving their parents for the sake of their education.

In recent years, there have been several studies and researches regarding mental health issues in which people with health disorders in their childhood had been compared with people who were in good mental health.

The research was based on the questioning of the volunteering participants, in which they were asked questions about their lifestyle, their physical and psychological health condition, their relationships and about their everyday home and office chores.

The research results have shown that the participants that had past records of ill-health were in worse physical health in their adulthoods compared to the ones who had not gone through any of the mental health disorders.

The ones with mental disorders were also investigated to have had relationship problems and personality disorders in their adulthood in greater number of occasions than the ones that haven’t undergone these syndromes.

Some of the reported problems that the adults with health disorders faced were poor psychological conditions together with problems with their communities and insecurity of their lives and homes.

These patients have been observed to suffer more in all the aspects of their lives than the ones who were mentally healthy.

With the improvement in technology and medicine together with the growing concern of people towards teen mental disorders, we can rescue the future or our present world by treating these adolescents at early stages by recognising the symptoms and the signs.

With early diagnosis and good care, these children can overcome these mind barriers and start living their lives happily, being fruitful to the society and themselves.

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